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Setting up a Zune Account

To utilize a Windows 7 Mobile device, the user must create a Zune account. Because this is an account outside of ESU’s control, one-on-one training is available to go through the guidelines necessary to ensure that each user is meeting all ESU policies and regulations.

Creating your Zune Account

The three main components to creating an iTunes account for ESU use are:
1.      Use your ESU email account Zune ID
2.      Set a strong password that meets the same criteria as the ESU Password Policy
3.      Install the Zune software on your computer

ESU v. Personal Accounts

For those individuals that have personally-owned devices that require a Zune account, personal and ESU accounts and devices need to be kept separate. We ask that your ESU email account only be used for your ESU-related Zune account. This will help reduce any confusion regarding the ownership of apps, data, and media.

Generic Accounts

In some instances, a department will require a generic Zune account for use in a lab, classroom, or checkout environment. This can be handy when you have multiple Windows Mobile devices with the same apps, or if the devices will be used by multiple users over. Please contact TCS for assistance in these instances.

Getting Help

TCS has created FAQs to assist you with creating an iTunes account for ESU-related use. These FAQs can be found using the FAQ Knowledgebase on the TCS Helpdesk website. TCS will assist you with creating your iTunes account upon request. TCS STRONGLY ENCOURAGES each user to request assistance to ensure your iTunes account is properly created.



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