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Mobile Devices
Mobile Device Guidelines - Overview Information


The increased presence of mobile technologies is requiring Emporia State University to identify and adopt a balance between encouraging the use of these devices for innovation in academic and administrative arenas, and keeping an effective support structure that meets the institution's guidelines, policies, and procedures.
ESU is committed to the exploration of how emerging technologies such as mobile devices can create new opportunities for teaching and learning, enhancing the support of students, as well as efficiencies in university operations and administration. The issue becomes one of how to address the challenges that these new technologies pose to ESU’s existing policies and procedures surrounding procurement, ownership, and support.
The Mobile Devices Guidelines have been developed in response to requests from personnel for advice regarding policies, procurement, and compliance. ESU considers that these Guidelines will foster growth, innovation, and capability among our faculty and staff, and will contribute to the university’s instructional and administrative goals.
For more information about general mobile device guidelines, please read the sections, to the right.






 Mobile Device Guidelines - By Section