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Downloading/Purchasing Apps on an Apple Device


Downloading/Purchasing Apps for Single Device

Purchases of apps that do not follow these steps will not be reimbursed.
1.      Research and determine which App you’d like to purchase/download (feel free to get in touch with TCS if you would like assistance or have any questions)
2.      Submit a PO to the Business Office indicating that the purchase will be made via TCS. Be sure to include:
a.       The EXACT name of the App
b.      How many copies of the App will be needed? (Please see “Downloading Apps for Multiple Devices” section, below)
c.       Who the App is for? Please include both the name(s) and email address(es)
d.      The name(s) of the device that the App will be downloaded on (e.g. – TCS123456MACN)
e.       Please note on the PO if you would like someone in your office to be CC’ed on the email (a Chair, administrative assistant, etc.)
3.      The Business Office will review the purchase. Once reviewed, it will be sent on to TCS for review.
4.      Once reviewed, TCS will purchase the App and email the redemption code and download instructions to the person(s) specified on the PO
5.      TCS will send a bill for the amount of the App to the department of the requestor.

Downloading/Purchasing Apps for Multiple Devices

If you are intending to purchase/install the same application on multiple devices, please contact TCS beforehand. Using the Volume Purchasing Procedures (from Apple), TCS can potentially save your department money by using volume discount pricing (if enough licenses are purchased).  TCS will also assist you with the installation of that App on multiple devices.

Think Before Your Click!

Apple has made their devices VERY easy to use in terms of downloading different apps. There are a variety of Apps out there that are free, but can still:
1.      Have hidden or recurring fees
2.      Require an account with an outside company (review will be necessary for any contracts, terms and conditions, etc.)
3.      Store information on systems not controlled or secured by ESU (which will need to be reviewed for security and policy compliance)
4.      Transfer data without security encryption
A selling point for Apple devices (and other mobile devices) is how easily you can download apps to test, play with, and figure out how to make the device more usable on a day-to-day basis. The goal of “thinking before you click” isn’t to make things more difficult, but to help protect Emporia State University employee and student information. Take an extra few minutes to think about each download. A few examples and things to think about are:
1.      Does it require you to setup an account?
2.      Do you store documents on their server or in the cloud?
3.      Is it a TRIAL version?
Please remember that you can contact TCS at ANY TIME and if you have questions or concerns.