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kindle-icon.pngAmazon Devices 

This page is dedicated to information regardingAmazon mobile devices (Kindle, etc.). It includes guidelines for ESU Amazon devices, support information, and recommendations for Amazondevice use. Please see information on this page for information regarding th use of your Amazon device at Emporia State University. If you have additional questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the TCS Helpdesk. 


AT&T​ X​ X​ X​
The above graph is based upon recent testing of Amazon devices for ESU information systems and is subject to change.


Please note that you can connect your Apple device to Blackboard, email, and calendaring without the use of a cellular contract if you are connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi connection. 

ESU currently does NOT have a mobile app available for the BuzzIn portal however, discussions are taking place to determine what must occur for an app to be created.





 Amazon Device Guidelines (Employees)

Choosing Your Device.aspx
Mobile Contract.aspx
Configuring Your Device.aspx
Setting up an Amazon Account.aspx
Downloading and Purchasing E-Books.aspx
Managing Your E-Books.aspx
Managing Your Device.aspx



 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)