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‚ÄčEmporia State University offers student web space for academic use.

Every student will have a folder in their home directory or Y: drive called public_html

Uploading Your Web Page 
To use your web space, copy your website and related files into this folder. Your default page must be index.html

Pages must be basic html pages. Server-side scripting is not supported.

You may access your Y: drive using the following methods:

-From a computer lab on campus.  Y: drive will appear in "My Computer" or "Computer" with other drives

-Remotely via SkyLab.  Y: drive will appear in "Computer" with other drives  More Info on SkyLab

-Remotely via SkyFiles.  Click to drag and drop.  More Info on SkyFiles

-Remotely via MyFiles (depracated service)


Accessing Your Web Page
To view your website, go to
For example, if my userid is jsmith, I would go to
If you do not have a website, a page indicating such is displayed instead.