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Antispam Defense

The New Antispam at ESU​

On December 30, 2012 IT installed a new antispam firewall to further enhance and protect the critically important email and messaging infrastructure.  The new Barracuda system works very similar to the old system by scanning all incoming email and quarantining messages that it believes to be spam or malware.  Overnight, a digest report is sent to each user detailing the spam for the previous 24 hour period.  Messages that are quarantined may then be release to the users mailbox.  Quarantined messages that have not been released will be deleted after 14 days.



If you are still recieving messages addressed to your old "" email address, you will get a quarantine report for any mail that is addressed in this way.  You can log in and release it, which will result in the message be relayed to your Gmail.  Be aware, Google may also flag it as spam and/or a malicious message.



 If you had previously blocked or allowed addresses on the old system, these settings will not be transferred to the new system.  You will need to re-establish those manually or as messages arrive. 



 Barracuda Antispam


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